Tour Aotearoa (New Zealand) Bikepacking Adventure 2020 [“Race” Report]
TA Finish Post

Pre-Spiel Wew I was lucky to finish this adventure!General chatter about bike adventures in my trail running group and an offer from one of them – Matt who completed the last Tour Aotearoa in 2018 – offering a helping hand with equipment, lead me down the path 6 months out to assume a spot on […]

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ARWS Nordic Islands AR “Valhalla” (Sweden/Norway) Adventure Race 2019 [Race Report]

Pre-Spiel The first edition of this race last year attracted a large contingent of racers and had excellent coverage giving you insight into an exciting and challenging race. It was clearly very well run – a factor driven by renowned racer/here Race Director Staffan Björklund. So; a new well-run race.. A real expedition style over […]

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Corsica Raid Adventure Race (France) 25th Anniversary Edition 2018 [Race Report]

Pre Spiel: Following most international race updates, it is the enticing images (or videos) of an ‘exciting’ race that draws the eye to the Corsica Raid Adventure which is part of the Outdoor Racing World Tour. Celebrating their 25th anniversary for this 1-6 June 2018 edition it was ‘back to the roots’, however we didn’t […]

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