I assume it fell apart from off road use and vibrations – screw on the underside came off in my hand and bits everywhere incl. the quick release leaver.

How it should look

Steps to fix:

  • Turn the leaver upside down so you can work with it on top of the handlebars and everything wont fall out (Pic 1)
  • Undo screw on base and remove case ( Pic 1)
  • Lock leaver sits on the base (now top if upside down) (Pic 2)
  • Whilst requiring some force (lockout cables pulling it), you can lift the large lock leaver up and out of the way
  • The release lever sits in a cradle, and a tiny spring is required (Pic 3)
  • The tiny sprint sits in an etched groove. With out it there’s no spring back
  • Place lock leaver back on top and screw back together (+ lubricate?)
  • Fixed!
Reference 1, upside down + screw to remove
Reference 2, lockout without the case, missing the small release lever
Reference 3, small spring inside!

This release sits on a 2017 Giant Anthem Advanced

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