Tour Aotearoa (New Zealand) Bikepacking Adventure 2020 [“Race” Report]
TA Finish Post

Pre-Spiel Wew I was lucky to finish this adventure!General chatter about bike adventures in my trail running group and an offer from one of them – Matt who completed the last Tour Aotearoa in 2018 – offering a helping hand with equipment, lead me down the path 6 months out to assume a spot on […]

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Merida Hidden Vale 24hr MTB 2018 [Race Report]

Pre-Spiel: There’s something enchanting about epic events that nag at me to do them. I love mountain biking, and the past Kona 24/Flightcente Epic/now-Merida 24 races have vaguely been on my radar for years as ‘that sounds cool’. What isn’t cool is that I’m not a fan of things that require lots of laps (here each […]

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How to See All of Tasmania in 1-2-3 Weeks (Itinerary for the Adventurous)

The Apple Isle: Small, Fun, Manageable & Lots of Options: A good taste of Tasmania can be had circumnavigating the island. The below covers most of the island and includes some tips for those who like to run or bike!This is more an express trip for the time poor.. With time + campervan you could […]

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