July 2022 –

It took 2 years, but it was great to be able to stumble around Mt Barney again. Run buddy Geoff hatched an idea to head up Logan’s Ridge as something a little more challenging than usual – so sure, sign me up! (I wouldn’t be surprised if Geoff had a secret tattoo of the Scenic Rim and its peaks, as his knowledge and love for it is all encompassing!).

It was a bit of a cool morning start, which made for absolutely perfect conditions throughout the day… You really can’t beat winter in SEQ for clear skies and being at a comfortable temp after moving.

Geoff set his own course up to the base of the climb proper – it doesn’t really matter how you get there, as either way it’s a bit of a bush bash for about 45 minutes until you hit some rock to start scrambling. Bonus note so you don’t stray, is that the route is on basic GPS mapping apps/devices; including my Garmin watch (when Map is added as an activity view/widget).

The single route up Logan’s is good to do with someone experienced, as there are a few tricks to pull along the way – knowing when to divert and scramble around or over something to make life easier. What the brochure doesn’t tell you, is that there’s about 4 sections that you might be inclined (pun intended) to look around and think – “hmm could be dangerous?!”.

In reality, Logan’s is manageable if you are confident/have your whits about you, are safety focussed, and have some experience scrambling at heights.

What a load of fun.

Also! We made the small journey up Yellow Pinch at the end. What a great little hike to suit those just looking to get a great view of the mountain without having to exert any real effort (i.e kids in tow), or those like us wanting to reflect on a nice day out.

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