August 2020 –

For good reason this is touted as one of the most spectacular hikes, and we completely agree!

For better or worse everyone makes a bit of a deal about the hike but the reality is, it is very straight forward and not that hard at all.

We followed this route from Wikiloc from the Steamers Creek entry, and it popped us up in a great spot on the ridge 40mins later. Along the ridge it weaves until a scramble to the base of the lookout ridge line.

Additional reference material to take is ideally the topo map.
(None of which you absolutely need but a map helps immensely – link to the QLD Gov Steamers Hike Map, which you can cut down or custom print your own using “9341-12” in the search dropdown at

The entry down Old Mill Rd was 4×4 only due to overnight rain, and it was accidental fun on the way in going sideways though the mud. (Not so fun washing after..).

Starting at 10am will get you up there for lunch at midday!

After the Stern lookout we headed along the ridge and up over Mt Steamer, turning down to the Steamers Saddle Camp for our overnight stay. A magic view and very well protected from the wind that kicked up.

A small amount of water in the creek behind camp would have been plenty enough if we needed some.

Day 2 was far too windy and cold to stay out all day so we cancelled our Lower Panorama plan and just went out via Davies Ridge. (Also a very nice walk with views all the way meaning it is constantly interesting!). The earlier exit down to the Steamers Creek road look very dense and less fun despite probably much quicker.

And that’s it! Leaving at 8am we were out by 11 which gave us plenty of time to leisurely roll home via lunch and clean up at home.

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