July 2020 –

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk is some 56 km long, but can be broken up into little bits.

Topographical map link.

Here we did a 2 day adventure with overnight camp of the Mapleton National Park loop.
Approaching from the Kenilworth direction we started at the Sam Kelly Road entry ~12pm.

It took us up and along a couple of ridge line view points overlooking the valley, for a total of 18 km day one, ending 1.5km off the loop up at the Ubajee Camp (after a very refreshing swim at the falls!).
A nice variety of greenery; dry bush to rainforests.

An easy walk out the next day just 9km and relatively flat-ter.


OutThere Pack ~13kg

  • 3L bladder & 2x Waterbottles
  • Compression sack with sleeping bags & sleeping sheets
  • Nemo Daggar 2p Tent
  • Compression sack with clothes – thermals, buffs, & jackets
  • Toiletries/1st aid & headtorches
  • Snacks, cups and sporks

Osprey Pack ~ 20kg

  • Small boy ?? & associated
  • 2x 2-person freeze dry meals, ziploc oats, & HC/Mocha sachets
  • Crux Stove kit

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