November 2019 –

A campground to revisit again sometime! Christmas Creek Campground was the perfect spot to camp, set on the bank of the flowing creek which is perfect during hot summer days.

From the car park the walk was fairly short to the Stinson turnoff (flagged with tap/”before the grave”), and that was a real journey.
Quite steep, with a cool rock climb feat. rope assist. At the wreck turnoff it’s max 50m to the remnants, and past the turn off a short trip to the ridegeline of the boarder track. Returning was a little faster albit still slow.

Back down the bottom it was a delicate 1.5hr hop through the rocky gorge to the falls – the return trip in contrast quite fast with the side trails more evident.

All in all a great day out thanks to Tiger Trev as organiser.

P.S. The campground is fantastic in terms of facilities, sites, aspect, and very affordable vs. the Nightfall Instagram hangout 1km away!

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