Tasmania, The Land of Idiosyncrasies

We had an amazing time in Tas – loved it – and there are some defining characteristics which I’ve listed here in good humour –

  • First, shortest, longest, oldest, or most southern of everything
  • Most cars encountered (and going slow) have a hire sticker
  • If not a hire car it’s a white dual cab Ute with a business logo on the side, usually gov
  • Most logos or business names are Tas-X or X-Tas. Eg. Taswater, Tasnetworks, or Trans Tas,etc.
  • Businesses evident in Tas in order: Hydro, farming, electricity, pipes, RSLs, road construction companies, and retirees in their caravans
  • Businesses closed: bust, moving, too early or too late in the day
  • Most businesses are for sale, and there’s plenty of signs to remind you as you enter the premises
  • There’s multiple business for everything, as if it is its own remote nation
  • Abundant wildlife: noteworthy as found dead as roadkill in the middle of the road every 2kms
  • Extremes of people: from well dressed in boat shoes and a vest bushwalking, to op- shop dressed and pub larikans
  • Road signs tell you X metres/km to a major road, and remind you via prefix “JCN”, (as in, Junction) in case you couldn’t work out they are counting down to an intersection
  • Towns are every 10-20kms which may comprise nothing but a service station/general store, and few crummy houses from some industrial boom time that ended in the 60-70’s
  • Each town is trying to have a “thing”. Murals of local scenes, MTB tracks, timber sculptures, homage to said dead industry (mining, tin, timber,etc.)
  • A main town attraction is if it has an RV dump point, or free camping

As I say, just for a laugh ?

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