Ticking all possible boxes for race mandatory gear (NGX: windproof, waterproof & breathable), this Nylon jacket at “170” grams (size m, see below) is an absolute winner.


  • Extremely light
  • Packs down into its pocket
  • Small form factor
  • Chest clip to hold the zips together when unzipped (very cool)
  • It’s actually 164grams ?
  • Price/Bang for buck
  • Actually works! Excellent waterproofing, breathes well.


  • Rips easily; I caught it on a tree twig. (It’s the lightweight material). Alas, back to the shop to buy another one ?
  • Only 1 pocket, on the right. For all it’s weight saving, 2 pockets would really complete this jacket
  • Hard to stuff into, and get out of the pocket stowage, especially when in a rush

Overall this is the ultimate jacket for “tick the box” race gear, and works when you need it.

For AR, it might be something carefully balanced between a proper Gore-Tex jacket for hard wearing when you are going to be rubbing/brushing against it.

In use at Hells Bells 2017 on a cold and wet morning:Weight of Zerolite: 164g

Update 2021:

He’s dead Jim. This has been a good jacket that descended to a backup to abuse with no cares about treatment (good for a sea kayak,etc.).. However the membrane lining just started shredding off and more rips kept randomly appearing. Alas, into the bin.

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