Tour Aotearoa (New Zealand) 2020 Bikepacking Adventure [“Race” Report]
TA Finish Post

Pre-Spiel Wew I was lucky to finish this adventure!General chatter about bike adventures in my trail running group and an offer from one of them – Matt who completed the last Tour Aotearoa in 2018 – offering a helping hand with equipment, lead me down the path 6 months out to assume a spot on […]

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Merida Hidden Vale 24HR 2018 [Race Report]

Pre-Spiel: There’s something enchanting about epic events that nag at me to do them. I love mountain biking, and the past Kona 24/Flightcente Epic/now-Merida 24 races have vaguely been on my radar for years as ‘that sounds cool’. What isn’t cool is that I’m not a fan of things that require lots of laps (here each […]

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