2013 Loney Planet Must See – Joining the Hoards.

Well, it tuned out we were still “early” having no direct flights we arrived via Mexico City.


The airport hadn’t been updated since the 60s and as a flashback time warp it was great! Old concrete white walls and just the basics, a tv on the wall that didn’t work. Nothing modern. It was the ultimate.A cab was hassle free as we were driven down a 4 lane highway beautifully manicured with palms and more – it was still “old style” (you’ll get the idea with Cuba; here I should probably say I’ll stop mentioning “old” because the whole place has had no updates, OK !) and our driver informed us it was because Castro used it to go in/out of the country and was the fancy intro to Cuba – he continued to say the rest of the country would be very bumpy and different!

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